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Thai Medical Tourism – Sample Price

To give you an idea of how reasonably priced healthcare is in Thailand, I’ve listed the cost (as of today) of a comprehensive check up at Bumrungrad Hospital. I picked Bumrungrad because it is generally one of the more expensive hospitals in Thailand. Bumrungrad Comprehensive Vital Signs and Physical Examination Blood Test Complete Blood Count (CBC) Fasting […]

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Questions to ask a doctor

These questions are based on a list questions from Thailand Medical Tourism Portal. I’ve added some more and reorganized. General Background What qualifications do you hold and where did you receive them? Are you certified with local, national, and/or international health organizations? What professional memberships do you belong to? Experience with specific procedure Do you have […]

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Thai Medical Tourism – Finding a hospital and doctor

Since not all hospitals, clinics and doctors are created equal, you have to do your due diligence just like you would if you want to find the best care in your home country. The Thai government has a medical tourism website, there are international organizations that accredit hospitals and clinics and you can always try […]

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Thai Medical Tourism – It All Began With Sex Changes

Sex change operations in Thailand have enabled many people to make their inner self their outer one. They have also help jumpstart a massive Thai industry: medical tourism. What is medical tourism? Medical tourism is when people travel to another country for less expensive medical care. Often these trips are part of a vacation that […]

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Part 4 – 24 Fascinating Things About China – Healthcare

More Health Healthcare and thoughts on Medical Tourism Whether you view the Chinese medical system as a good one or not may depend on whether you want to see the glass 1/5 full or 4/5 empty. Glass 1/5 full China has greatly expanded its “Western” medical system. Some doctors are world-class and there are some […]

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A rare sight in China. Even in hospital restrooms it can be missing in action. Many Chinese believe soap is harmful to you.

Part 3 – 24 Fascinating Things About China – Soap

Health continued 4. Soap is bad for you One of the biggest surprises for me is that many Chinese believe that soap is harmful and avoid it as much as possible. Even in hospitals and dental offices, it is rare to find soap in the restrooms. Even in hospitals it can be missing in action. […]

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In the winter the Air Quality Index rating got to 300 (very harmful). This year it got to 500 (hazardous)!

Part 2- 24 Fascinating Things About China – Health

The list continues. I got through the first memorable thing last post – Life on Steroids. Now for memorable experience involving medicine and health. Health 2. Pollution as an art form There are some fascinating aspects to Chinese culture but nothing was as memorable for me as what you saw – smog – and didn’t […]

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Bullet Train

Part 1- 24 Fascinating Things About China

Riding bullet trains, wading through masses of people, visiting Shanghai’s French Concession, experiencing eating as a form of Russian Roulette, witnessing fascinating mating rituals, seeing life lived through cell phones, almost being run over by cars driving on the sidewalk, and seeing, breathing, and tasting China’s greatest export: pollution. My sojourn in China was one […]

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Long Time No Post

Since June of 2012 my fingers have been doing many things. Writing posts for this blog just hasn’t been one of them. Instead, I have been busy figuring out where to move post-Thailand and what to do and then doing it multiple times. I lived and worked in China for a year and now I’m […]

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The most haunting image for me in the camp was on a painting by one of the seven survivors. The image of the Khmer Rouge soldier killing a baby by swinging the baby by its feet and bashing in its skull continued to haunt me long after I left the prison.

A Short Trip to Hell: Toul Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnon Penh, Cambodia

Emotional insight gained through travel Cambodia’s Killing Fields. Read about them for decades. Saw the movie. Thought I understood what happened. The nightmare reign of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia started in 1975 and lasted until 1979 when they were driven from power by the invading Vietnamese army. The Khmer Rouge killed up to two […]

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